PDG Overview

The Probation Development Group (PDG) aims to highlight evidence-based practice and gaps in current probation policy and practice with a focus of contributing to the development of a more integrated and aligned criminal and social justice system in Wales (please see our Terms of Reference for more details). We are currently working to produce evidence for consideration in the development of a devolved probation service for Wales. The website will provide access to documents prepared by PDG members, relevant research and updates as well as noting any Welsh Government Statements and communications relevant to this aim. We welcome queries and comments related to our work and aim to respond to email enquiries within 5 working days via the email address:

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Where did we start?

Mark DrakefordThe origins of the Probation Development Group (PDG) go back to a presentation by Mark Drakeford, First Minister (FM) of Wales in May 2019 on the Newport campus of the University of South Wales when he set out his broad vision for a devolved probation service in Wales. Present at that event were academics, former and serving probation practitioners and managers, a core of whom agreed to work together to support the evidence- based development of a devolved probation.